NEWS FLASH: Who's that Leading Lady?!

"You're in a feature? When can I see it in the theaters?" My friend looks at me, his eyes wide, waiting for some epic Steven Spielberg story. "Not quite yet.." I say, wondering how to explain the indie-film process without ruining his glamorous fantasy.

"What was the shoot like? It sounds like so much fun!" he tries again. I give in. Someone has to burst his bubble, why not me. "Well, after the casting process you start with a few weeks of prep, prep, prep..."  Here I go, wish me luck. "Then you have to dive head first in the greatest adventure called principal photography. Say goodbye to your friends and family for a while, now the film crew becomes your temporary family and the set your new home. And what a new life it is. You work the longest days. You work nights. You're out in the cold for hours. You sweat in the summer sun with your winter coat (now make us believe its fall!) You never eat at home. You barley see your partner. You don't sleep, and if you manage to get a few hours of rest you dream about shooting, the director adjusting, new scenes being added..."

My friend raises his brows, pity in his eyes. With the silliest grin on my face I say: "It's the greatest high there is." 

Jana is playing the lead role in the upcoming indie feature VERA, shot and produced in New York City. For updates on the film and it's release please check back on the blog!