Binge Award: Victoria

“Ich bin eine Berlinerin”

Let’s all be honest for a second. Summer in New York isn’t pretty. To be a bit more exact: as soon as July hits the city transforms into a sweaty hell hole. No exaggeration needed. So instead of retreating to a house in the Hamptons (who actually has a house in the Hamptons?) I typically fly back to Europe for a few weeks. And where do I always go, even if it means a few weeks of scouring the internet for complicated multi-city flights? Mama Berlin. These days the hype proceeds the city (hipster capital of the world, anyone?) and its “coolness” is old news. But there’s something special about the capital of Germany, that even the party tourists (guilty) can’t destroy. The people’s laid-back attitude, the city’s support for small business, the public’s dedication to life-life-work balance… I could go on and on. But this time I was surprised by even another element: the vibrant film community and it’s newest, shiniest production, the movie VICTORIA. 

Directed by German actor/director Sebastian Schipper, Victoria is a departure from your typical movie going experience. It takes you on a ride, engulfs you. It’s not easy to describe. On the surface the film is pretty straight forward. A group of young people meet in a club in Berlin and end up robbing a bank. But the film isn't about its plot. It’s about human connection and how a film technique can create a deep emotional experience. 

Confused yet? I make it simple: the film was shot in one take. One 2:30 hour take. No edits. One long-ass single take. And it’s brilliant. The camera takes the audience on a wild ride, moving alongside the characters through the streets of Berlin, rooftops, clubs, cars. And you are there with them, in the passenger seat of their lives. 

And others agree: Victoria won every single category at the German Film Award (only one they didnt win: editing) and even five awards at the 2015 Berlinale.

The good news: Victoria will be released in the US on October 9th, 2015. You shouldn't miss this one!