Daily Rituals

Happy 2016 Fellow Travelers!

 It's a new year and the season of resolutions is in full swing. I've done my own share of wrapping up my past year and working out goals for the new one but that's not what I want to share with you today. Because we're all different and whatever works for you is fabulous in my book. What I do want to share with you is an inspiring and highly entertaining book that was given to me this holiday season:

"Daily Rituals - How Great Minds Make Time, Find Inspirations and Get to Work" by Mason Curry

Curry captures the working routines of the greatest philosophers, writers, artists and musicians of our time. And what a ride it is! The stories of these remarkable people are sometimes inspiring, sometimes utterly depressing but ultimately ENCOURAGING! Like resolutions, every mind has it's own unique manual to get into the state of creative being and production. So it all just comes down to finding your own fuel, your own structure (or lack of it) that sets you on fire. I highly recommend taking a peak, until then feast your eyes on this incredible chart: