Summer Nights in La La Land


As a huge film nerd, I'm a sucker for outdoor movie screenings. From San Francisco's Dolores Park to Brooklyn parking lots and Manhattan rooftops, I've done it all. Now as a recent Angeleno transplant, I had to seek out what the City of Angels has to offer in terms of al fresco film entertainment. And, dare I say, I have fallen in love. In love with Cinespia's Hollywood Cemetery Screenings, that is. 

Not much of a secret but established screening event, Cinepsia puts on a great show. From the magical landmark location (yes, it is a REAL cemetery!) to the pre-show DJ and BYOB policy, everything is set up to ensure an incredible experience. Every Saturday evening during the summer season, you can catch classic and cult movies with a massive crowd of cinephiles and picknick enthusiast. The shows sell out super fast, so be be prepared to buy a ticket for a screening several weeks in advance! 



You're intrigued? You bought a ticket? Smart one! Here a few tips to set yourself up for outdoor screening success:

1. Become a Picknick Master

Half of the fun of the evening is gazing at all the elaborate spreads people schlepp to the lawn (some bring actual picknick tables and electric tea lights!) Set yourself up for success by bringing tons of snacks, a cooler and some liquid entertainment (if thats your thing.) 

2. Climate Control

Pillows. Blankets. Tarps. You're going to sit on the grass for up to 4 hours and it does get cold later in the evening (even when it was scorching hot in the daytime.) 

3. The Early Bird Catches The Worm

I definitely recommend showing up early. The gates open at 7:30pm but parking can be a bit of a nightmare so calculate some extra time. Or take an uber to avoid the traffic nightmare.

4. Skip the Chairs

This one is divisive but bare with me. Walking up we say tons of people carrying low camping chairs and cursed ourselves for not thinking ahead. But when we got to the lawn, we saw that the chair-people have to sit in separated sections to the side of the screen! I'd skip the mini-chair any day to get a better view. 

5. Bring Friends, the right amount

Obviously the screening lends itself to a sweet date night but the vibe here is definitely geared towards groups. We decided that 4-6 people is the magic number, as the loud music before the screening makes it difficult to hear people from further away. 

Are you ready? You can check out upcoming showtimes here:


The Usual Suspects, June 6th, Hollywood Cemetery